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You’ve probably heard the saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words…” and there is a great deal of truth to that. A great photograph can take you back to that moment, that remarkable event or special occasion. A great photograph can help you relive a long lost memory. A great photograph can do so much more than can be described in a mere thousand words. When you look at a photograph, you can close your eyes and remember the sounds of the band, the smell of the flowers, the ambiance of the room, and of course, the emotions that were running through you.

Kaufman Kramer specializes in making those cherished memories last forever. We are storytellers, and we capture the details and the moments that matter most. Our slogan is Live Your Day, Share Your Story… and that’s exactly what we want to help you do.

Let us help you tell your story.

As Featured in Professional Photographer Magazine!

I am SO excited! Over the summer, we asked all of our fans to vote for one of our favorite brides, Jennifer Cleaver, to be on the cover of Professional Photographer Magazine. Over 5,800 photos were submitted from all over the world and out of 38,300 people who voted, we won Third Place for Reader's Choice!!!

We were also one of the only wedding photos featured in the contest.

If you would like to read the Cover Contest Article, click here.

Being that we are members of PPA, and that we absolutely love and respect the magazine so dearly, I think I can speak for all of us at Kaufman Kramer when we say THANK YOU to PPA, all of our family, friends, and fans for voting for us and for supporting us. A special thank you goes out to Jennifer and Bryce Cleaver for being a truly wonderful and supportive client for us. We love you guys!

Of course... to pay homage to Jen and Bryce, I wanted to repost some of the amazing photos from their special day...

Thanks again everyone. We couldn't do what we love without you!


The winning image.

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